Welcome to Visions!

A regenerative fund organized as a decentralized autonomous organization [DAO].


We are a group of passionate individuals who strive to connect impact investors with regenerative projects to make a positive impact on nature, society, and people.


At Visions, we focus on regenerative finance and invest primarily in regenerative agriculture, which involves practices that restore and enhance soil health, sequester carbon, and promote biodiversity, among other benefits.


Our innovative approach combines the advantages of a traditional asset management with the efficiency of a new DAO-like structure. We pool investments, utilize collective intelligence, and ensure sensible capital management for maximum impact.


We believe that regeneration means more than just restoring ecosystems – it means revitalizing ourselves and our society. The regenerative economy calls for a deeper integration with our planet, returning to a more resilient, nature-based and regenerative approach to create economic, social, and environmental well-being.

Join us and become regenerative with us.

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